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Chilly Cut day

This morning was perfect to get some much needed  cutting done. I cut fabric for a couple of hours with hopes to sew a few things this week. It’s nasty, slushy and gloomy out so I won’t be doing food deliveries today. I get text everyday from door dash to deliver but it’s just not the same since covid. We would get $8 extra pay to deliver now it’s $1-$3 and just not worth it.

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CEO Skye Marie

Hello please visit our Instagram & FB pages and soon we will be on YouTube providing fashion and sewing tips and creating content for all to learn. Thanks ~ Skye

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Coasters can last a long time and are great to sell at vendor events. The price you should charge is $1-$25, if you sell your coasters in groups of 4 or more you will make more money :) Coasters can be made from cotton, leather, cork, stone and other materials. Happy Crafting Everyone !

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